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--> I've been a photographer now for 7 years!! I'm self taught aside for some help from my mentors Chris & Jen Fowler

--> I live in Summerland and I LOVE IT. I can't imagine living in a big town again. Its so beautiful here!!

-->I'm super outgoing but I have moments were I find myself really shy! I don't get stressed out easily and like to find the best in every situation!

--> I love cute shoes, my collection is growing all the time!

--> Spelling/Grammar.. not my strong suit! haha It might seem unprofessional! I think its just real! It's me! I have some loyal friends that proof my blog and newsletters. But I'm sorry in advance! haha.

--> I always edit with a yummy scented candle lit, relaxing....

--> I love being at home in my PJs, music blasting, dancing around the kitchen with my two little boys. My passion for Photography is enhanced so much by my love for them.

--> My favorite thing to do is go for a drive and blast my tunes and zone out while singing, horribly I might add, to my favorite songs! My Second favorite thing is being cuddled up on the couch watching a show with my Love.

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